Friday, September 19, 2008

A new life enters

Hey there!

Sorry for taking to long. I was trying to avoid all the misadventures of Doraemon.

So I finally decided to start with this.

Pictures are a BIT blurry. I think I need to get an SLR. >_< Somebody give me tips to make the shutter speed faster.


What? Where am I?

am I dead?

Am I dead? Did Suzaku kill me?*



Photobucket're here too.


There's a chance the others are close by.


Other voice: Look what we have here Yuki.

well well

Haruhi: Looks like we have a new friend.


The more the merrier they say.


...I see


Who are you?


Doraemon: He has just met his worst nightmare.



Lelouch Lamperouge is a new figma in my collection. He is the main character from Code Geass. Also made by Max Factory. The cat next to him is Arthur, who came along with him.

so much for holding hands

Here kitty kitty

Yuki: ...come here...

Arthur: ....

Kyon moment

Lelouch: This may not be at my advantage.

*SPOILER FOR CODE GEASS SEASON 1: The last episode of the first season ends with Suzaku and Lelouch about to shoot each other. I'm not sure what happens after that, so I started from here. Now it's like Lelouch ended up here right after that moment.


Patrick said...

"The more the merrier" she said O_O. Tis' true but we can't ignore little what the forgotten one said! Lelouch really did just met his worst nightmare! What crazy adventures await him?? Anyway, let's all welcome the new comer! Haha

Anonymous said...

hahaha you're good

lavarisque said...

yay. "here comes a new challenger"

Krayn said...

Hehe, the pic with Haruhi and Lelouch holding hands are, hehehehehehehe...

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