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The Holy Figma War is based on the Holy Grail War from the anime/visual novel Fate Stay Night, where the goal is for 7 Servants, having one master each battle against each other in order to get the Holy Grail.

It is said that the Holy Grail will grant you a wish, and it seems anyone would kill for one, huh?

A Master is defined as someone who has summoned a Servant. These people usually have some sort of magic ability to be able to keep a Servant in their time period.

There are 7 Servants, having their own classes depending on their specialty. The Servants are composed of Heroes of the past.  

Servant list and description:
  • Saber - Adept at Swordmanship. Usually the strongest of the classes
  • Archer- Adept with projectile weapons. Has "Independent Action" meaning they can survive without backup from their Master
  • Rider- Adept with riding be it animals, cars, etc. Usually has the weakest magic resistance
  • Lancer- Adept with the spear
  • Caster- Adept with Sorcery. Capable of altering their surroundings and Item Creation.
  • Assassin- Adept with operating silently. Mostly known for killing Masters and not Servants
  • Berseker - Hero who have traded their sanity for a large amount of power. To be able to handle this Servant requires a lot of Mana on the Master.
Source: TypeMoon Wiki

Major Characters:(incomplete)

Saber Class: Arthuria/Saber

Arthuria has once been summoned to participate in this war. Not much information has been revealed about her. Her skills and powers are the same as they were in previous wars.

Master: Lelouch Lamperouge

As if resurrected from Code Geass R2, Lelouch is alive and has joined a new battle. Will he cheat death once again, or will his Geass no longer save him from the new challenges that have risen?

Lancer Class: Kanu Unchou

Kanu's only goal is to keep Mikuru alive. Why she does so has never been explained, but theory is because there was something she saw in Mikuru that made her want to do this. She is able to handle herself without any help from her Master.

Master: Mikuru Asahina

An unlikely Master to be joining the war and was definitely unwilling to become one as well. While this is rare for any war, it seems the Servant had chosen her.

Assassin Class: Shana

While Shana's skills don't necessarily fit the Assassin class, she has been given the order to kill other Masters. She could care less who she kills, as long as it's what her Master wants.

Master: Ryoko Asakura

Probably the most fitting Master for this class, for Ryoko definitely believes killing the rest of the Masters will gain her goal faster. She doesn't seem to care much about the Holy Grail more than trying to provoke who she believes to be a God.

Caster Class: Yuki Nagato
It is unknown who her previous master was before Kyon. Similar to Ryoko, her goals are more than just winning the Grail. She believes that all of this is all caused by Haruhi, but whether that is true or not has not been revealed.

Yuki as Caster gives her more power to do things as she did in her previous life, but this comes at a cost that she may not be as physically strong as she was before.

Master: Kyon

Real name has never been revealed. While usually hesitant to join crazy matters like this, being in debt to Yuki Nagato for saving his life many times was the reason he decided to accept being her Master.

His body was reprogrammed by Caster so that he is able to defend himself when need be. 

The remaining Servants with their Masters have not been revealed. 

Minor characters (incomplete)

Rin Tohsaka

Rin has been assigned to be a moderator for this Holy Grail War, given that she has been a Master in the past and thus has the most experience. She knows when there are new Servants arriving and makes sure that as much as possible no innocent bystanders are harmed.


Yotsuba was found by Kyon one random day, and she believes that he is her father. Since then she has been living with him. Whether she has any relation to the War has yet to be revealed. She also likes ice cream.


Lily is the twin sister of Arthuria. Not much has been said about her, but she seems to have been brought back from the dead for a reason. We have yet to know why she has information of the Holy Grail War.

Rei Ayanami


Rei is rarely seen around the area, but it has been noted that she has some information on what is going on with the war. She has helped Yuki in the past with the issue, and has yet to be seen again. Read More......

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